Chapter II.7. Advanced Word Stuff

In This Chapter

  • Wrapping text

  • Getting text to flow like a spring brook

  • Publishing your work

  • Ferreting out fields

  • Making smart electronic forms that look great

  • Working with Web pages

  • Managing several open documents at once

  • Embedding objects

A lot of people call these topics advanced, but for the most part, these topics are better categorized as extra stuff you could know rather than difficult or complicated. Knowing the things in this chapter can make your experience with Word more productive and enjoyable. Who knows? Maybe you'll wind up using one of these features every day after you discover how it can help.

Wrapping Text around Objects

From pictures and graphs to SmartArt, you can easily add all sorts of objects to a Word document. But after the object is inserted in your Word document, you'll probably need to wrap your text around it.


Text wrapping denotes how text in a Word document flows around the periphery of other objects, such as pictures and graphs. Objects usually have text wrapping set to In Line with Text. In Line with Text is a text wrapping option that doesn't allow text to wrap on the sides of the inserted object.

Most of the time, text wrapping breaks the text so that when you insert the object into your document, the text flow is split above and below the new object. This is often just fine, but at times, you'll want to change the text wrapping style, which we show you later in this section.

The Formatting Palette has a Wrapping pane, as ...

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