Chapter 14. Constructing and Delivering a Presentation

In This Chapter

  • Discovering slide layouts

  • Adding slides to a presentation

  • Changing views of a presentation

  • Entering and editing text

  • Aligning and positioning text

  • Putting bulleted and numbered lists on slides

  • Moving and deleting slides

  • Hiding slides

  • Writing notes for a presentation

  • Delivering a presentation

  • Coauthoring a presentation in PowerPoint 2010

This chapter picks up where the previous chapter left off and delves into the nitty-gritty of creating a presentation with PowerPoint Web App. It explains everything a body needs to know about creating slides, entering and formatting text on slides, positioning text, and changing the appearance of text. You also find information here about lists and writing notes.

Finally, turn to this chapter to find out how to give a PowerPoint presentation with PowerPoint Web App.

Understanding How Slides Are Constructed

When you create a slide, PowerPoint Web App asks you a very important question: "Which slide layout do you want?" You can choose from several different slide layouts, the preformatted slide designs that help you enter text, pictures, and other items on slides. Some layouts have text placeholder frames for entering titles and text. Some layouts come with icons that you can click to insert a diagram or picture.

When you create a slide, select the slide layout that best approximates the slide you have in mind for your presentation. These pages explain slide layouts.

Slide layouts

To make a wise ...

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