Chapter 18. Ten Things to Know about File Sharing

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the prerequisites for file sharing

  • Sharing files in public and shared folders

  • Sharing files in Office Web Apps

  • Sharing files using Office 2010 programs

  • Knowing who your collaborators are

  • Handling password-protected files

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and you can make more of your Word documents, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, and OneNote notebooks by sharing them online with coworkers and colleagues.

This brief chapter outlines ten things you should know about sharing files, or coauthoring files as Microsoft likes to call it, with the Office Web Apps.

The Office Web Apps Are All about Sharing

Being able to share folders and files with others, and being able to collaborate online with others, is the chief reason to use the Office Web Apps.

In and of themselves, the Office Web Apps aren't much to crow about. Especially if you've used Office 2010 software, the Office Web Apps seem kind of measly and small. They don't offer very many commands compared to their Office 2010 counterparts.

But the Office Web Apps open up the possibility of sharing files with others. You can work on a Word document, Excel worksheet, PowerPoint presentation, or OneNote Web App at the same time as a colleague. Not only that, but if the Office Web Apps don't have a command you want, you can open the file you're working on in an Office 2010 program. Being able to work alongside others on the same file in an ...

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