Chapter 18. Printing and Sharing Spreadsheets

Some spreadsheets are simply a personal tool, used by one person, but more frequently, spreadsheets are communication devices. Beam me up, CFO. You share a worksheet with your Board of Directors to describe the financial well-being of your corporation or you share a pie chart with your husband to highlight the portion of the family treasure spent on golf-related expenses.

Sure, you can share your spreadsheets and chart by printing them and handing out the pages; but if you share workbooks electronically, you’ll save money, save time and save the world a bunch of resources. There are a number of ways you can go the electronic document route. If you just want to show off numbers and charts, print to a PDF file. Then you can distribute your document via email, USB thumb drive, disc, or on a website. If you want to get input from others and let them make changes to your workbooks, then you need to use Excel’s sharing features, described at the end of this chapter. You can give others access to your workbooks by emailing them or making them available by on a network.

Printing Worksheets

Once you’ve gone through the trouble of making your sheets look their best with killer formatting and awe-inspiring charts, you’re set to print them out and show them off.

Print Preview

Viewing a print preview before you send your spreadsheet to the printer can save you time and frustration, and help save an a tree or two. If you’ve used Excel 2004 or earlier versions, ...

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