Chapter 1: Up and Running with OneNote

In This Chapter

arrow.png Getting acquainted with OneNote

arrow.png Understanding the OneNote screen

arrow.png Creating notebooks, sections, section groups, and pages

arrow.png Getting a better view of your notes

arrow.png Navigating in OneNote

Microsoft OneNote 2013 is designed for taking notes — at meetings, when talking on the telephone, or in the classroom. Rather than scribble notes indiscriminately in a Word 2013 document, you can enter them in OneNote and be able to retrieve them later. You can use your notes to construct reports and white papers. You can copy them to Excel, PowerPoint, or Word. OneNote comes with all sorts of amenities for finding and filing notes. OneNote can help you brainstorm and organize your ideas.

This chapter explains what OneNote is and how you can use it to store and organize notes. It explains what sections, section groups, and pages are and why to use these items for organizing notes. You also find out how to get from place to place in OneNote and change ...

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