Chapter 7

Designing Your Pages

In This Chapter

arrow Inserting pages

arrow Organizing text in tables

arrow Displaying text as WordArt

arrow Dividing text into columns

arrow Printing

The Insert, Design, and Page Layout tabs contain the most frequently used commands for designing the layout and appearance of your pages. You can add columns or headers and footers that display titles or page numbers, or add colors and pictures to your pages.

The Insert tab provides commands for inserting items into a document, such as new pages, tables, pictures, and headers and footers.

The Design tab provides commands for choosing spacing, colors, borders, and themes.

The Page Layout tab provides commands for defining how your pages look, such as creating columns; defining top, bottom, left, and right page margins; as well as defining how text wraps around pictures or other objects you place in the middle of a page.

Inserting New Pages

Word automatically adds new pages to your document as you write. However, Word also gives you ...

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