Chapter 5

Delivering a Presentation

In This Chapter

arrow Writing, editing, and printing speaker notes

arrow Rehearsing a presentation to see how long it is

arrow Going from slide to slide in a live presentation

arrow Drawing on slides during a presentation

arrow Delivering a presentation when you can’t be there in person

At last, the big day has arrived. It’s time to give the presentation. “Break a leg,” as actors say before they go on stage. This chapter explains how to rehearse your presentation to find out how long it is and how to show your presentation. You discover some techniques to make your presentation livelier, including how to draw on slides with a pen or highlighter and blank out the screen to get the audience’s full attention. The chapter describes how to handle the speaker notes and print handouts for your audience. In case you can’t be there in person to deliver your presentation, this chapter shows you how to create a user-run presentation, a self-running presentation, a presentation designed ...

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