Chapter 11

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation


Designing a presentation

Creating a PowerPoint presentation

Using different views to create a presentation

Adding text

PowerPoint works as a visual aid for giving presentations. (If you never give presentations, you probably don’t need PowerPoint.) Instead of fumbling around creating, organizing, and displaying transparencies with an overhead projector, you can use PowerPoint on your computer to create, arrange, and display slides that organize information as text and graphics.

Besides displaying slides on the screen, PowerPoint also lets you add notes and turn your entire slide-show presentation into printed handouts so the audience can review your presentation with a printed copy of each slide. The next time you need to convince or inform an audience, use PowerPoint to create and deliver your presentation. (Just make sure that you never use PowerPoint to propose marriage, though.)

Defining the Purpose of Your Presentation

PowerPoint can make creating and delivering a presentation easy, but before you start creating fancy visuals with eye-popping graphics and colors, step away from your computer, put down your copy of PowerPoint, and place your hands in the open where anyone can see them.

Rushing into PowerPoint to create a presentation is likely to create a dazzling array of colors, fonts, and graphics that may look interesting but won’t convey your message effectively. The best way to create an effective presentation ...

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