Chapter 5

Taking Advantage of the Proofing Tools


check Fixing spelling and grammatical errors

check Finding text — and replacing it if you want

check Looking for a better word in the thesaurus

check Working with and translating foreign language text

I was going to call this chapter “Foolproofing Your Work,” but that seemed kind of presumptuous because keeping every error from slipping into your work is well-nigh impossible. Still, you can do a good job of proofing your work and eliminating errors by using the tools that Word provides for that purpose. This chapter describes how to proof your work for spelling and grammatical errors. It shows how to find text, and if you’re so inclined, find and replace text. You also discover how to translate text and proof foreign language text. The proofing tools are not foolproof, but they’re close to it.

remember The F7 key is the key to the kingdom when it comes to proofing Word documents. Here is the magic of pressing F7 and various key combinations:

  • F7: ...

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