Chapter 1

Up and Running on OneDrive


check Getting into OneDrive

check Creating, navigating, renaming, and deleting folders

check Uploading and downloading files to and from OneDrive

check Managing files at OneDrive

This chapter introduces you to OneDrive, Microsoft’s online facility for storing files, sharing files, and co-editing files with other people. It describes how to sign in and out of OneDrive so that you can get to your OneDrive folders. You also discover how to navigate in OneDrive, manage folders, and upload and download files from your computer to OneDrive. Finally, this chapter shows how to open, delete, and move a file you store at OneDrive.

To use OneDrive, you must be an Office 365 subscriber. Book 1, Chapter 1 explains what Office 365 is and how to subscribe to it.

Signing In to OneDrive

OneDrive is a component of Office 365, Microsoft’s online suite of services. Before you can store, share, or co-edit files in OneDrive, you have to sign in to OneDrive. Open a web browser and follow these steps to sign in to Office 365:

  1. Go to this web address:

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