Chapter 12

Adding Color and Pictures to a Presentation


check Using themes

check Changing a background

check Adding graphics

check Showing movies on a slide

check Adding sound to a presentation

To make your presentations look more visually appealing, PowerPoint lets you add color and graphics to your slides. Color and graphics can’t turn a worthless presentation into an informative one, but they can enhance an informative presentation and make watching it easier.

For additional appeal, PowerPoint lets you add audio and video to a presentation. That way, you can make your presentation more interesting by letting people read, hear, and see information.

Instead of creating plain text on dull backgrounds, in this chapter you learn how to create more visually interesting presentations by discovering the unique ways PowerPoint can enhance your slides.

Applying a Theme

By default, PowerPoint displays each slide with a white background. Although you can change the colors and appearance of each slide ...

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