Chapter 16

Using a Database


check Understanding how databases work

check Designing a database

check Editing a database

check Typing information into a database

check Closing a database

Adatabase is a program that stores information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers, or inventory part numbers, shipping dates, customer codes, or any other type of information that you think is worth saving.

To help you store information in a database, Office 2019 comes with the Access database program. Access provides two huge advantages over storing information on paper. First, Access can store literally billions of chunks of information (try doing that with a filing cabinet). Second, Access makes it easy to search through and sort your information.

The three main advantages of a computer database over a paper database are

  • Massive storage: The largest computer database can fit on a hard drive, but a paper database may take a roomful of file cabinets.
  • Fast retrieval: Searching for a single name in a computer ...

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