Chapter 19

Ten Tips for Using Office 2019


check Saving and password-protecting your files

check Guarding against macro viruses

check Customizing the Ribbon

check Reducing spam in Outlook

Microsoft Office is famous for burying tons of useful features that most people never know about. This chapter exposes some Office 2019 features so you can take advantage of them and make Office 2019 more convenient (and safer) for you to use.

Saving Office 2019 Files

Most people dump their documents inside a folder in the Documents folder. Store too many documents in this folder, however, and you’ll find it’s nearly impossible to find anything. To make retrieving files easier, it’s a good idea to store different data in its own folders, such as storing tax-related information in a special Tax Returns folder or invoices in a special 2021 Invoices folder.

Left to its own devices, of course, Office 2019 will cheerfully save all your files in the Documents folder, so you’ll need to tell the program where you want it to save files.

In addition to defining a default folder to store files, you can also define ...

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