Chapter 3

Opening, Saving, and Printing Files


Bullet Save Your Work

Bullet Open a Previously Saved File

Bullet Change the File Listing View

Bullet Email Your Work to Others

Bullet Share Your Work in Other Formats

Bullet Print Your Work

Bullet Recover Lost Work

All Office apps can create, open, save, and print data files. A data file stores your work in a particular application. If you don’t save your work, whatever you have entered disappears when you close the application or turn off your computer. Not good. (You get a warning before that happens.)

Each Office application has its own data file format. For example

  • Word: Document files, .docx
  • Excel: Workbook files, .xlsx
  • PowerPoint: Presentation files, .pptx
  • Outlook: Personal folders files, .pst

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint use a separate data file for each project ...

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