Chapter 13

Your Busy Life: Using the Calendar


Bullet View Your Calendar

Bullet Create and Delete a Calendar Event

Bullet Set an Event to Recur

Bullet Configure Event Reminders

Bullet Add Holidays

Bullet Print a Hard Copy of Your Calendar

You probably have a paper calendar you use to keep track of your appointments, meetings, and events. The problem with a paper calendar, though, is that it’s, well, paper. It’s limited.

The Calendar in Outlook offers everything a paper calendar does, and much more. You can easily switch between different views (daily, weekly, or monthly), and you can edit and delete calendar items without any messy pencil edits. You can even set up Outlook to remind you of an event shortly before it occurs. This chapter covers all that and more.

View Your Calendar

To view Calendar in Outlook, click the Calendar icon at the bottom of the Navigation pane.

The default view of the calendar is ...

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