Chapter 16

Adding Movement and Sound


Bullet Animate Objects on a Slide

Bullet Add Slide Transition Effects

Bullet Set Slides to Automatically Advance

Bullet Add a Musical Soundtrack

Remember slide projectors? Maybe you still even have one in the back of your closet. They show one slide after another on a screen, with a ker-chunk sound as the next slide pushes the previous one out the chute. Not very glamorous or exciting.

In PowerPoint, though, because your slides are electronic, a presentation can have much more exciting animation. You can assign any sounds or music you want, and you can create interesting animations when one slide replaces another or when content appears on a slide. A bulleted list can appear one line at a time, a graphic can “fly” in separately from the text, or a trumpet sound can announce an important slide’s appearance.

In this chapter, I show you how to create animation and transition effects on slides. I also show you how to add a musical soundtrack from an audio CD to a presentation.

Animate Objects on a Slide

By default, all the objects on a slide appear at once. ...

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