Chapter 1

Office Nuts and Bolts


Bullet Introducing the Office applications

Bullet Exploring the Office interface

Bullet Opening, saving, and closing an Office file

Bullet Clamping a password on a file

Chapter 1 is where you get your feet wet with Office 365. Walk right to the shore and sink your toes in the water. Don’t worry; I won’t push you from behind.

In this chapter, you meet the Office applications and discover speed techniques for opening files. I show you around the Ribbon, Quick Access toolbar, and other Office landmarks. I also show you how to open files, save files, and clamp a password on a file.

Introducing Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription service from Microsoft. Subscribers can install and run Office applications on their computers; they can also take advantage of the Office cloud-based services. In computer jargon, the cloud is the name for servers on the Internet where individuals can store files and run online software. Microsoft offers many different versions of Office 365, some aimed at home users and some at business users. Visit this web page to compare and contrast ...

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