Chapter 6

Desktop Publishing with Word


Bullet Putting borders, watermarks, and drop caps on pages

Bullet Working with graphics, text boxes, and other objects

Bullet Running text in newspaper-style columns

Bullet Printing landscape documents on various sizes of paper

Once upon a time, word processors were nothing more than glorified typewriters. They were good for typing and basic formatting, and not much else. But over the years, Microsoft Word has become a desktop publishing program in its own right. This chapter explains a few desktop publishing features that can make your documents stand out in the crowd — themes, columns, text boxes, page borders, watermarks, video, and drop caps, to name a few. (Book 7 describes Publisher 365, another desktop-publishing application.)

Experimenting with Themes

A theme is a colorful, ready-made design for headings and text. Each theme imposes a slightly different look on a document. If you want to experiment with themes, theme style sets, theme colors, and theme fonts, more power to you, but be prepared to click the Undo button and backtrack as you rummage ...

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