Chapter 3

Putting on the Finishing Touches


Bullet Using horizontal rules and drop caps

Bullet Putting a background on a page

Bullet Putting objects and frames on the master page

Bullet Preparing publications so that they can be printed commercially

This final chapter in Book 7 is devoted to the Project to Beautify Publications, a joint effort of the publisher and the author to try to make publications less bland and more original. The author has noticed, on the bulletin boards and lampposts in his neighborhood, that the rummage sale and lost-pet notices look a little rough around the edges. The neighbors are using sophisticated software to produce their notices, but they’re not using it well. They are relying solely on templates, which make the publications look alike. These pages explain a few simple tricks for making publications more sophisticated.

This chapter explores drop caps and horizontal rules, page backgrounds and borders, borders and backgrounds for frames, and how to place a logo in the same place on each page in a publication. It shows you Publisher’s excellent Design Checker. ...

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