Chapter 20Managing Office 365


Finding your way around the Office 365 management pages

Getting a handle on managing Exchange

Figuring out how to manage Skype for Business

Discovering how to manage SharePoint

As you find out throughout the book, the Office 365 product is actually a suite of products consisting of SharePoint Online for portals, Exchange Online for e-mails, Skype for Business Online for instant and ad hoc communication, and Microsoft Office for productivity. When it comes time to manage these components, Microsoft has created a web-based interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

In this chapter, you explore the management interfaces for Office 365. You can gain an understanding of the general Office 365 management pages and then move into exploring the specific management pages for each of the individual services.

Going Over Office 365 Management

Microsoft has taken a great deal of time and put a tremendous amount of resources into developing the management interface for Office 365. Microsoft designed this interface for everyday users with the idea being that it doesn’t take an IT expert in order to manage the Office 365 product. The main Office 365 management interface is actually a website you navigate to with your favorite web browser.



A web interface for managing an online product is nothing new. If you have ever used Facebook or LinkedIn, ...

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