Chapter 23Ten Tips for Increasing Productivity with Office 365


Empowering your users to be self-sufficient

Getting visibility to people’s availability

Moving from the old to the new world with attachments

Office 365 as a cloud technology affords any organization the benefits of a sophisticated data center without the hassle and the cost of maintaining one. For as low as $5 per month per user, storing files in the cloud that are backed up to redundant servers relieves businesses of the burden of constantly backing up and archiving critical business data.

In this chapter, you find “ready-to-apply” tips and tricks for increasing productivity and efficiency in your organization or your practice. Think of this chapter as your shortcut to knowing how you can, as Bill Gates puts it, “magnify the efficiency” gains from a much-streamlined operation through the use of Office 365.

Self-Serve from the Service Health Dashboard

If you’re the designated admin for your organization, you’ll most likely receive inquiries about issues your users are experiencing in Office 365. Before you spend a lot of time troubleshooting an issue, check out the Service Health Dashboard in Office 365 first to determine whether the issue is from your end.

A new look and feel of the Office 365 portal is still in preview but scheduled to be rolled out soon, as of February 2016. In it, you can manage your Office 365 tenant: manage users, create groups, update subscription, review billing, contact support, ...

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