Chapter 3

Unleashing the Power of Exchange Online


check Discovering how Exchange Online provides flexibility and reliability

check Understanding the value of anywhere and anytime access

check Finding out how Exchange Online is safe, secure, and in line with compliance standards

If you are like most people, you couldn’t care less about how your email gets into your inbox as long as it does. If your company uses Microsoft products, then chances are you use an application called Outlook to send and receive email. Outlook also has some other nifty features, including a calendar, the ability to reserve conference rooms, invite people to meetings, store contacts, create your to-do lists and tasks, and even read you your email messages or listen as you dictate a message. Although you are probably familiar with the Outlook application, you may not know that it has a behind-the-scenes partner. That partner is Exchange, a server application that handles all the heavy lifting. The Outlook application on your desktop is constantly connecting to the Exchange server to find out what information it should present to you.

Because Outlook and Exchange communicate with each other over a computer network, ...

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