Chapter 21

Ten Signs It’s Time for You to Move to Office 365


check Appreciating what Office 365 can do for you

check Avoiding being in the news as yet another hacking victim

check Leading your organization into the future

Since its release in 2011, millions of organizations around the world have adopted Office 365 and realized the benefits of the service to drive productivity in the workplace. From Fortune 500 companies with hundreds and thousands of employees to midsize businesses to small companies and even a solo musician — Office 365 has afforded its users the tools to make them productive in an environment that enhances the organization’s security posture.

If you’re still holding back and hanging onto your in-house servers (dutifully patching and maintaining them) or using a “free” solution from another provider, let us give you some good reasons to let go. If you’re still using a patchwork of services to stitch together a semblance of enterprise-class productivity solutions, let us break it down for you: that is so five years ago. It’s time to move to Office 365. Here are the top ten reasons why.

Your Team Likes to Collaborate

Cloud and collaboration are a match made in heaven. ...

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