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Office 365 Home User's Guide

Video Description

The Office 365 Home User’s Guide is a tutorial, 60-minute video, in which users learn about Microsoft’s new Office-focused in-the-cloud offering by exploring which subscriptions are available for home users (Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home Premium). Users learn to sign up for Office 365, access their Office 365 account, install Office software, manage their Office 365 account, invite other users, set up Office 365 on their mobile device, create new Office files, and manage, organize, and share their files.

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Office 365

Lesson 2: Sharing Your Account and Going Mobile

Lesson 3: Creating a New Word Document

Lesson 4: Opening and Working with an Excel Worksheet

Lesson 5: Tweaking a Presentation in PowerPoint

Lesson 6: Capturing Ideas with OneNote

Lesson 7: Using OneDrive with Office 365

Lesson 8: Sharing and Collaborating in Office 365

Lesson 9: Staying in Touch with Skype in Office 365

Lesson 10: Using the Office 365 Tools Together