Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud

Book description

Written for the IT professional and business owner, this book provides the business and technical insight necessary to migrate your business to the cloud using Microsoft Office 365. This is a practical look at cloud migration and the use of different technologies to support that migration. Numerous examples of cloud migration with technical migration details are included.

Cloud technology is a tremendous opportunity for an organization to reduce IT costs, and to improve productivity with increased access, simpler administration and improved services. Those businesses that embrace the advantages of the cloud will receive huge rewards in productivity and lower total cost of ownership over those businesses that choose to ignore it.

The challenge for those charged with implementing Microsoft Office 365 is to leverage these advantages with the minimal disruption of their organization. This book provides practical help in moving your business to the Cloud and covers the planning, migration and the follow on management of the Office 365 Cloud services.

What you'll learn

  • Overview of Microsoft Office 365's operation and usage for any size enterprise

  • Methods of planning and migration

  • Office 365 management best practices

  • Using Office 365 SharePoint to improve business processes

  • Troubleshooting Office 365 installations

  • Using Compliance, eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention tools

  • Office 365-site management best practices for IT administrators and business owners

  • Who this book is for

    Small-enterprise IT professionals and business owners who have the admin responsibilities for their business-IT needs. These people need refined reference information on basic set-up and configuration for their Office 365 installations, as well as best-practice-driven instruction on managing and troubleshooting their systems.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. About ApressOpen
    3. Dedication
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Contents
    6. About the Authors
    7. About the Technical Reviewers
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. Introduction
    10. CHAPTER 1: Office 365: Moving to the Cloud
      1. Office 365: The New Cloud Challenge
      2. Ready Design Custom Cupcakes IT Requirements
      3. RDCC Cloud Solution
      4. The Big Decision: On-Premises or Cloud Solutions?
      5. Summary
      6. Next Steps
    11. CHAPTER 2: Using Office 365 and Windows Intune
      1. A Day in the Life of an Office 365 User
      2. User Setup and Configuration
      3. Reference Links
      4. Next Steps
    12. CHAPTER 3: Office 365 Planning and Purchase
      1. Office 365 Subscription Plans
      2. Planning and Purchase Chapter Structure
      3. Pre-deployment
      4. Deployment
      5. Post-deployment
      6. Summary
      7. Reference Links
      8. Next Steps
    13. CHAPTER 4: Setup and Migration Guide
      1. Configuring Office 365
      2. Final Check List
      3. DNS Trouble Shooting
      4. Onboarding E-mail
      5. Outlook Manual Configuration
      6. Reference Links
      7. Next Steps
    14. CHAPTER 5: SharePoint Administration Guide
      1. SharePoint Administration Chapter Structure
      2. Introduction to Office 365 SharePoint
      3. SharePoint Planning, Governance, and Initial Setup
      4. Building Your SharePoint Structure
      5. SharePoint Permissions and Groups
      6. Site Editing
      7. Create a Project Site
      8. SharePoint Admin Center
      9. Additional Administrator Concepts and Tools
      10. Reference Links
      11. Next Steps
    15. CHAPTER 6: Web Site Setup and Configuration
      1. Office 365 Public Web Site
      2. Office 365 Integrated Web Editor
      3. Build Your Public Web Site in Eight Steps
      4. Adding PayPal Online Shopping
      5. Public Web Site and Domain Name Configuration
      6. Last Thoughts–Office 365 Public Web Sites
      7. Reference Links
      8. Next Steps
    16. CHAPTER 7: Office 365 – Windows Intune Administration Guide
      1. Windows Intune Purchase Process
      2. Configuration of Windows Intune Administration Center
      3. Downloading Software from the Administration Center
      4. Accessing Windows Intune as a User
      5. Making a Bootable USB
      6. Software Key Registration
      7. Reference Links
      8. Next Steps
    17. CHAPTER 8: Office 365 Administration Guide Enterprise
      1. Preparing to Administrate Office 365
      2. Common Office 365 Administration Tasks
      3. Office 365 Administration Center
      4. Exchange Administration Center
      5. Lync Administration
      6. Using PowerShell
      7. Reference Links
      8. Next Steps
    18. CHAPTER 9: Office 365 Compliance and Data Loss Prevention
      1. Overview of Office 365 Compliance and Discovery
      2. Setting Up Office 365 Compliance, Discovery, and Retention Policy
      3. Compliance Example
      4. Discovery Site Example
      5. Retention Example
      6. Discovery Search Using Advance Query Strings (AQS)
      7. Creating and Exporting Discovery Mailboxes
      8. Reference Links
      9. Next Steps
    19. CHAPTER 10: Office 365 Exchange Online Protection Administration Guide
      1. How EOP Works
      2. Getting Started with EOP: Hybrid or Standalone
      3. Modification of Spam Processing
      4. Sending E-mail from a Device to Office 365
      5. Reference Links
      6. Next Steps
    20. CHAPTER 11: Office 365 DirSync, ADFS, Single Sign On and Exchange Federation
      1. No Integration
      2. Steps to Implement AD Sync, Single Sign On and Exchange Federation
      3. Installing Active Directory Federation Services
      4. Troubleshooting
      5. Reference Links
      6. Next Steps
    21. Glossary
    22. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud
    • Author(s): Matthew Katzer, Don Crawford
    • Release date: December 2013
    • Publisher(s): Apress
    • ISBN: 9781430265269