Chapter 1

iPad for Beginners

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding Office for the iPad and Office for the Mac

arrow Subscribing to Office 365 and installing Office for the iPad

arrow Getting acquainted with the hardware and Home screen

arrow Getting acquainted with the screen gestures

arrow Opening, closing, and switching between apps

arrow Connecting to the Internet

In this chapter, you waddle to the shore of the pond, put your toes in the water, and contemplate jumping in. Don’t worry, I won’t push you from behind.

This chapter is for people who are new to the iPad and want to get going quickly. It explains how to install Office software on an iPad and directs you over the three or four hurdles you must overtake to get going. You discover the buttons and doodads on the iPad, find your way around the Home screen, and see how to gesture at your iPad. This chapter takes you through opening and closing apps, using the ...

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