Chapter 3

Exploring Office for the iPad Basics

In This Chapter

arrow Opening, creating, moving, and deleting files

arrow Touring the Office for the iPad interface

arrow Entering, editing, and formatting text

arrow Constructing lists

arrow Searching for and replacing text

This chapter looks into a handful of tasks that you do whenever you use an Office for iPad app. It explains how to create and manage files, enter and format text, and make bulleted and numbered lists. You also find out how to find and replace text and plan ahead to work on files when your iPad isn’t connected to the Internet.

I’m not telling you to read this chapter carefully, because I know how carefully you read everything. But if you read this carefully, you’ll pick up some tips and tricks that come in very, very handy.

Working with Files (Documents, Workbooks, and Presentations)

Files go by different names in Office. A Word file is called a document; an Excel file is called a workbook; and a PowerPoint file is called a presentation. By ...

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