Chapter 20

Ten Tips for Making Glorious PowerPoint Presentations

In This Chapter

arrow Making the best use of PowerPoint

arrow Designing presentations with the right colors and fonts

arrow Engaging the audience

arrow Making your presentation stand out

This chapter picks up where Chapter 14 left off and describes a few things you can do to make your presentations stand out in a crowd. It offers design tips and a few tricks that you can use to connect better with the audience. I don’t know how many hundreds of PowerPoint presentations I’ve sat through. I’ve seen the good and the bad. This chapter describes the most important things I observed in my long experience with watching PowerPoint presentations.

Don’t Let PowerPoint Tell You What to Do

PowerPoint makes it easy to paint by numbers. Starting in the PowerPoint Presentation Gallery (in PowerPoint 2011) or the New window (in PowerPoint for the iPad), you can choose a readymade PowerPoint template and simply take it from there. These templates were designed by experts. They look very good. Choosing a ready-made template saves you the time and trouble ...

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