Office Online! Let's Get Busy

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1 Hour of Video Instruction


Easy video tutorials help you make the most of the Microsoft's free Office Online: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, People, Calendar, OneDrive, and more!



Office Online gives you web versions of Microsoft's best productivity apps: all you need is a free Microsoft account. Now, in just one hour, these easy video tutorials will help you master Microsoft's entire Office Online app collection. Office Online: Let's Get Busyshows how to create and share content with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps... stay in touch via organize contacts and time with People and Calendar... store your content in the cloud... use Microsoft's apps together to collaborate, communicate instantly, and manage your whole life! Top Office expert Katherine Murray walks you through practically everything you'll ever want to do with Office Online (and even tells you what the free version can't do, so you won't waste time looking). Now, great Office tools are free wherever there's a web connection. Make the most of them—with Office Online: Let's Get Busy!


About the Instructor

Katherine Murrayhas been writing about technology for 25 years, and specializes in Microsoft products, especially Windows and Office, including Office 365 since its earliest betas. She has written extensively about web products, and wrote a tutorial on SkyDrive (OneDrive's predecessor product) for Microsoft. Her recent books include My Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Plain and Simple, and Microsoft Word 2010 Inside Out.


Skill Level

  • All Levels


What You Will Learn

  • How to get started fast with Office Online, explore its tools, and switch among apps
  • What you can (and can't) do with the free Office apps
  • How to perform essential tasks with the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps
  • How to create and share collaborative notebooks in OneNote
  • How to stay in touch with's email and messaging tools
  • How to manage your contacts and organize your time within Office Online
  • How to use the Office Apps together to do even more
  • How to store your files in the cloud with OneDrive


Who Should Take This Course

  • Everyone who wants to make the most of Microsoft's free Office Online productivity tools, which are now available to everyone with a free Microsoft Account.


Course Requirements

  • No experience required (basic familiarity with Windows and web browsers helpful)


Table of Contents

Lesson 1: What Can You Do with Office Online?

This first video lesson introduces you to Office Online and shows you how to get started using the online apps in your web browser.

Lesson 2: Beginning with and the Office Hub

Lesson 2 shows you how to log in to Office Online using your Microsoft Account. Or, if you don't have a Microsoft Account yet, you'll learn how to create one. Finally, you'll find out about switching among apps using the Office Hub.

Lesson 3: Getting Started with Word Online

Lesson 3 introduces you to the Word Online app. You’ll learn about Word’s basic features in Office Online, add content and format it, and share your document with others.

Lesson 4: Essential Tasks in Excel Online

Lesson 4 shows you how to create a new worksheet in Excel Online. You'll learn about the basic features and see how to add data, format it, do some quick analysis, and even create a chart in the online app.

Lesson 5: Preparing Presentations in PowerPoint Online

Lesson 5 introduces you to the tools available in PowerPoint Online. You'll learn how to start a presentation, add content, and apply transitions and animations to your slides.

Lesson 6: Creating Collaborative Notebooks with OneNote Online

Lesson 6 shows you how to create a new OneNote notebook in OneNote Online, add notes to your pages, and organize your notes in sections. You'll also find out how to share your notebook so you can collaborate easily with others.

Lesson 7: Staying in Touch with

Lesson 7 introduces you to and teaches you to send and receive email using the online email app.

Lesson 8: Managing Contacts with the People App

Lesson 8 shows you how to add, manage, and keep track of your contacts with the People app in Office Online. You'll also learn how to import contact from existing contact lists and incorporate contacts from your social media accounts.

Lesson 9: Organizing Your Day with the Calendar App

Lesson 9 shows you how to use the Calendar app to add, update, and organize appointments and events in your online calendar.

Lesson 10: Storing Files in the Cloud with OneDrive

Lesson 10 shows you how to use OneDrive, an online cloud storage app that is part of Office Online, to retrieve, organize, and share the files you create.


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  • Title: Office Online! Let's Get Busy
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  • Release date: October 2014
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