chapter 10: entourage address book and notes 401
icrosoft clearly hopes that Entourage will be the only personal informa-
tion manager you’ll ever need. As proof, it offers a built-in Rolodex func-
tion that serves as a master name/address/phone number/photo gallery/
email address book for Office X, and a Notes module that lets you write pithy com-
ments about everybody you know.
But make no mistake: the names, numbers, and comments you store in these pro-
grams don’t just sit there, locked away in a stand-alone database. In fact, you’ll often
consult your electronic little black book from within the other Office programs.
For example, once your Address Book contains a few names, Entourage can
autocomplete addresses as you start typing in the To field of email messages. It can
also fetch the phone numbers of people you’re inviting to events that you schedule
in Entourages calendar. You can also easily include address book information in
Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
Address Book
The Address Book isnt a separate application that you double-click when you want
to look up something; its just one module of Entourage. You view it by clicking the
Address Book icon in the upper left of Entourage’s main window, by choosing
ViewGo ToAddress Book, by pressing c-2 (and probably in dozens of other
Entourage Address
Book and Notes
402 office x for macintosh: the missing manual
Tip: As with email in Entourage, you can opt to view your address book either as a single pane of the
Entourage screen, as shown in Figure 10-1, or in a window of its own. To do the latter, Control-click the
Address Book icon in the Entourage main window and choose Open Address Book in New Window from
the contextual menu that appears.
A Tour of Address Book World
The Address Book interface parallels Entourage’s email view, which shows a list of
messages above, the body of the highlighted message below. In the Address Book,
when you click someones name in the list above, you get a detailed view beneath.
Sometimes you’ll have recorded only a name; sometimes you’ll have gone whole-hog,
recording that persons mailing addresses, anniversary, astrological sign, and so on.
You also manipulate the Address Book list view exactly as you do with email. For
example, you navigate the list and highlight selected names exactly the same way
(see page 330). And you manipulate the various columns of address information
just as you would with email messages. The columns give you at-a-glance informa-
tion about your acquaintances—whether they have any links or flags, the persons
name, company, phone numbers, email address, and category.
Tip: Entourage can show you over 40 columns of information about each person in your address book.
Unless you have either (a) a 70-inch monitor, or (b) some kind of weird obsession with detail, you can
probably get by with a subset of these. To specify which columns show up in the list view, select them from
the ViewColumns submenu.
Address Book
Figure 10-1:
Much like the Entourage Mail
module, the Address Book
window has a Preview pane
showing a list up top,
detailed information down
below. It reveals the last time
you sent a message to—or
received a message from—the
person whose name is
highlighted, along with a
plethora of other informa-
tion. Like the Mail and News
modules, the Address Book
module has a quick-find filter
in the upper-right corner. To
find a certain person’s
information quickly, type a
few letters of his name into
this box. Entourage instantly
hides all names that don’t
match what you typed.
Toolbar List view Address filter
Detail view Information bar

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