Assessment Test

  1. Instance templates are used to create a group of identical VMs. The instance templates include:

    1. Machine type, boot disk image or container image, zone, and labels
    2. Cloud Storage bucket definitions
    3. A load balancer description
    4. App Engine configuration file
  2. The command-line command to create a Cloud Storage bucket is:

    1. gcloud mb
    2. gsutil mb
    3. gcloud mkbucket
    4. gsutil mkbucket
  3. Your company has an object management policy that requires that objects stored in Cloud Storage be migrated from regional storage to nearline storage 90 days after the object is created. The most efficient way to do this is to:

    1. Create a cloud function to copy objects from regional storage to nearline storage.
    2. Set the MigrateObjectAfter property on ...

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