labeled duration

A number that represents a duration of years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, or microseconds.

large object (LOB)

A sequence of bytes representing bit data, single-byte characters, double-byte characters, or a mixture of single-and double-byte characters. A LOB can be up to 2 GB-1 byte in length.

See also [BLOB]
See also [CLOB]
See also [DBCLOB]
leaf page

A page that contains pairs of keys and identifiers and that points to actual data. Contrast with nonleaf page.

left outer join

The result of a join operation that includes the matched rows of both tables being joined and that preserves the unmatched rows of the first table.

See also [join]
limit key

The highest value of the index key for a partition.

linkage editor

A computer ...

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