Chapter 4

Filling Vital OKRs Roles within the Organization


Bullet Discovering why executive sponsorship is vital for OKRs

Bullet Identifying an OKRs champion to lead the way

Bullet Finding OKRs Ambassadors to coach, mentor, and build support for OKRs

Do you have a favorite holiday movie? A perennial favorite in the United States is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which celebrates the misadventures of Clark W. Griswold. An iconic scene in the movie features the transformation of Clark’s money-grubbing boss, Mr. Shirley, as he reinstates the bonus that Clark was desperately depending on. A contrite Mr. Shirley, who had previously promised to withhold bonuses, realizes the error of his miserly ways and notes earnestly, “It’s people that matter.” Good for you, Frank Shirley.

Although you can choose among many sophisticated OKRs software tools to serve as a powerful ally, along with an army of skilled and talented consultants, the difference between success, mediocrity, or failure in your OKRs implementation will come down to the people you have involved in leading your OKRs implementation. Despite the worry that artificial intelligence will one day usurp us all, there will ...

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