Chapter 13

Making OKRs Stick


Bullet Starting strong in your OKRs implementation

Bullet Celebrating successes

Bullet Sustaining momentum for OKRs

One summer, my dad decided to clad the front of our house in a type of brick called angel stone, a beautiful material that features natural variations producing unique patterns, textures, and colors. Ours was a soft warm hue that shifted from light ivory to sandy brown depending on the light, and we were overwhelmed by the transformation of our home. We enjoyed the stone until one day the unthinkable happened: A piece right in the middle fell off. It looked like a missing tooth, which would have been charming were the front of our house a hockey player, but of course it wasn’t. My dad flew into action and refastened the renegade brick immediately, but more followed, and no attempts at finding the right glue succeeded. Repair was no use because of the bigger problem: moisture behind the bricks. Fixing it was like playing whack-a-mole, with the moles winning every time.

My dad’s angel stone simply didn’t stick and that was, plain and simple, a disaster until the underlying moisture issue was identified and remedied

To give your OKRs the ...

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