Chapter 7

Spread the Word

Imagine if we all lived out the word meant for us. Can you imagine what our families would be like? How about our workplaces, schools, and communities? How powerful would you be? How big of an impact would you have? If we could pull that off, we might just change the world!

Why not start spreading the word by taking your family through the One Word process? After experiencing the power of the process in 1999, Dan and Jimmy shared it with their wives and kids. Now they have a tradition of getting their families together every New Year’s Eve to paint their words on canvas tiles that they hang in the kitchen as a constant reminder. During this time, they even create One Word for the entire family that they focus on together.



Share the Power

In addition to your family, you can also spread the word to your school, work, sports team, church, or other organization to which you belong. For example, we have taken a number of school districts through the One Word process and have heard amazing stories. Some teachers post their words in the teachers’ lounge so that they can see their words each day and also help each other live their words. We also know of teachers who do this with their students and have their students make pictures of their words that they then post around the classroom.

We’ve also worked with a number of sports teams ...

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