Chapter 10

My One Word

Every single time we have shared the concept of One Word with others, we get the same response: “I love it! I can’t believe I’ve never done this before. It’s so simple and obvious. I can’t wait to get started.” And we get the same positive responses after participants have lived out their One Word for the year: “What a powerful year! I’ve learned so much. This is something I’ll do for the rest of my life. By the way, my word for next year is . . .”

We have never heard this: “I tried that One Word thing, and it didn’t work.” Not once! The only way it won’t work is if you don’t do it. It’s never a question of whether One Word works. It’s whether you will put One Word into action in your life. If you discover and live your word, it works every single time, because there is a word meant for you and it is meant to change your life in a positive way.

To help you through the One Word process, we’ve created the following action plan to help you prepare your heart, discover your word, live your word, and spread the word.

Action Plan

Prepare Your Heart: Look In

Take a little time to:

1. Unplug from the noise.
2. Ask a few essential questions.

Get away from the noise and distractions of life, and create an environment to look inward, quiet your mind, and really listen to your heart. Then ask yourself these three questions, and write your insights here:

1. What do I need?
_____________________________________ ...

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