Everything You Want to Know but are Afraid to Ask about a New Kind of Marketing
A friend of mine, we’ll call him Tim, has been a marketing professional for decades. He’s been successful, consistent and innovative. A few months ago his boss called him in and said, “We need to get on top of our digital strategy. I want to revamp our website and start a blog, get some SEO going and make sure we are doing everything we can with social media and affiliate marketing.”
Tim said sure thing, tried not to sweat, and immediately went to his desk and called me.
“Murray, I don’t really know what digital strategy is, I’ve barely heard of blogs and social media and I have no idea what SEO even stands for. Help!”
We spent a lot of time talking on the phone over the next few weeks, and he put together a digital marketing strategy that worked and made his boss happy. But for everyone like Tim who has someone like me to call there are a thousand others who have nowhere to turn.
This book is for you.
It will explain the basics, teach you techniques and strategies, and connect you with the best resources out there. This book will show you how to plan, execute, manage and measure a successful online marketing campaign.


In less than ten years the entire landscape of marketing has changed. What a few years ago was a new option is quickly becoming the new way of doing things. Not making the transition could mean losing your job or your company’s place in the market. ...

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