Capturing Attention with Catchy Titles

Most online readers will never read past the title you put on your work. It’s often said that the dust jacket sells the book. The same thing applies to e-books, white papers, e-mail newsletters, and most definitely blog posts. You want your titles to be as attractive and attention-getting as possible.

In this section, I share the most proven and respected ways to get people to click those titles you create. When you invest your time, resources, and attention into creating great content, you deserve for it to be read.

remember.eps Humans are genetically primed to notice something out of the ordinary. Stand out by creating post titles that explore something new or do it with a fresh interpretation.

remember.eps Be careful, however. It’s easy to create outlandish post titles. Eye-catching? Sure. A good idea? Not always. When they’re too outrageous, those wild titles that beg to be read can actually harm your credibility. Have fun and make only promises you can keep.

Create a list

List posts may well be the little black dress of blog post writing. Or if you don’t wear dresses, perhaps the best way to describe list posts is to say that they’re like a great pair of blue jeans. They never go out of style. Even though current fashion may involve boot-cut legs instead of skinny ...

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