Introducing the Tools

You can’t monitor your online reputation without the right tools. A great number of tools are available, and in the following sections I cover a number of favorites. Different tools are appropriate for different organizations, of course, so here I break them down according to cost. For example, when I reference “smaller” tools, I’m mostly referring to tools that are a good fit for small businesses because of the price point and range of services. Larger, more comprehensive (and expensive) tools dig deeper into the data stream and slice up more closely defined areas of information into more detailed reports cost more. The most cost-effective tools are the easiest to learn and manage on your own. More advanced platforms offer greater customer service and training benefits. So no matter whether you’re responsible for a small business or a Fortune 100 company, you should be able to get started quickly.

remember.eps Everybody can benefit from using the free and more cost-effective tools, but the larger an organization gets, the more it can benefit from tools that dig more deeply into the massive pool of information and share information that the simpler tools miss. If this is you, check out the larger scale tools I share further into this Chapter. I show you how to set up the simple tools in Chapter 7.

I suggest using three tools in tandem with each tool measuring something ...

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