List of figures and tables


1.1. Technology stack of the current version of LSP running internally at Lundbeck 16

1.2. LSP curvefit, showing plate list, plate detail as well as object detail and curve 20

1.3. LSP MedChem Designer, showing on the fly calculated properties and Google visualisations 25

1.4. LSP4Externals front page with access to the different functionalities published to the external collaborators 26

1.5. LSP SAR grid with single row details form 28

1.6. IMI OpenPhacts GUI based on the LSP4All frame 31

2.1. Integration of online OpenTox descriptor calculation services in the Bioclipse QSAR environment 40

2.2. The Bioclipse Graphical User Interface for uploading data to OpenTox 41

2.3. OpenTox web page showing uploaded ...

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