Open Source Web Development with LAMP: Using Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, and PHP

Book description

Open Source technologies are providing contemporary developers with a range of cost-effective and robust alternatives to commercial software for building dynamic, data-driven Web applications. This practical guide presents a comprehensive survey of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, and PHP), and it shows how these solutions can be implemented efficiently and securely while improving reliability and dramatically cutting costs.

Open Source Web Development with LAMP focuses on the most important core material necessary so that developers can "hit the ground running" and begin building applications right away. This book presents a balanced overview of LAMP technologies and allows the reader to decide which tool may be appropriate for the particular task at hand. After a general overview of Open Source technologies, the book presents an overview of the Web before moving on to cover structural, static, dynamic, and embedded technologies. The coverage here provides a description of the strengths and weaknesses of each Open Source technology and also acts as a reference guide for each application.

Topics covered include:

  • A comprehensive survey of Open Source technologies

  • Static and dynamic data and embedded HTML on the Web

  • Linux and Unix distributions, installations, and commands

  • Apache Web Server, Perl, and MySQL

  • Web site META language (WML)

  • Common gateway interface (CGI) and mod_perl

  • Server Side Includes (SSI), Embperl, and Mason

  • PHP syntax and functions

In addition to the discussions in the book, a companion Web supplemental information, including tools, source code, helpful links to additional resources, and errata as needed.

Complete in coverage and practical in presentation, Open Source Web Development with LAMP spotlights the tools and technologies today's developers need to create workable, dynamic, and secure Web sites using Open Source technologies.


Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Foreword
  3. Preface
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Authors
  6. Introduction
  7. Structural
    1. The Web Explained
      1. How It Works
      2. What We Don’t Talk About
      3. Security
      4. Summary
      5. Resources
    2. Linux—The Choice of a GNU Generation
      1. Introduction
      2. Basic Unix
      3. Summary
      4. Resources
    3. Apache Web Server
      1. Introduction
      2. Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Apache
      3. Configuration
      4. Securing Apache
      5. Create the Web Site
      6. Apache Log Files
      7. Summary
      8. Resources
    4. Perl
      1. Introduction
      2. Perl Documentation
      3. Perl Syntax Rules
      4. A Quick Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming
      5. What We Didn’t Talk About
      6. Summary
      7. Resources
    5. MySQL
      1. Introduction
      2. Tutorial
      3. Database Independent Interface
      4. Table Joins
      5. Loading and Dumping a Database
      6. Summary
      7. Resources
  8. Static
    1. Website META Language
      1. Introduction
      2. Installation
      3. The Basics
      4. Creating a Template
      5. Other Helpful Includes
      6. Diversion
      7. A Better Template
      8. Configuring WML with .wmlrc
      9. Macros—Creating Custom Tags
      10. Programming Code—eperl
      11. Project
      12. Summary
  9. Dynamic
    1. The Common Gateway Interface
      1. Introduction
      2. Apache Configuration
      3. A First CGI Program
      4. What Can Go Wrong?
      5. Introduced
      6. HTML Shortcuts
      7. Information Received by the CGI Program
      8. Form Widget Methods
      9. CGI Security Considerations
      10. A Note About die()
      11. Project—CGI/MySQL/DBI
      12. Summary
      13. Resources
    2. mod_perl
      1. Introduction
      2. Configuration
      3. Turning CGIs Into mod_perl Programs
      4. Pure mod_perl Programming
      5. Project: MySQL, DBI, and mod_perl
      6. Other Stuff You Can Do
      7. Summary
      8. Resources
  10. Embedded
    1. Server Side Includes
      1. Introduction
      2. Security Considerations
      3. Summary
      4. Resources
    2. Embperl (HTML::Embperl)
      1. Introduction
      2. Installing Embperl
      3. Apache Configuration
      4. A Quick Example
      5. Embperl Commands
      6. Posted Data and %fdat
      7. Other Embperl Variables—$row and $col
      8. Embperl Project
      9. What We Didn’t Talk About
      10. Summary
      11. Resources
    3. Mason (HTML::Mason)
      1. Introduction
      2. Installation
      3. Apache Configuration
      4. A Quick Example
      5. Inline Perl Sections
      6. Handling Posted Data with %ARGS and <%args>
      7. Mason Components
      8. Mason Project
      9. What We Didn’t Talk About
      10. Summary
      11. Resources
    4. PHP
      1. Introduction
      2. Embedding PHP Into HTML
      3. Configuration
      4. A Couple of Quick Examples
      5. Language Syntax
      6. Built-In PHP Functions
      7. PHP and MySQL
      8. Project
      9. Summary
      10. Resources
    5. Bibliography

Product information

  • Title: Open Source Web Development with LAMP: Using Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, and PHP
  • Author(s): James Lee, Brent Ware
  • Release date: December 2002
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 020177061X