11.5. Inline Perl Sections

There are several different ways to embed Perl code into the Mason pages: <% ... %> sections, “%” lines, and <%perl> ... </%perl> blocks. The next sections explore these.

11.5.1. The <% ... %> Tag

These tags are useful for generating the values of variables and complex expressions. This example code generates HTML using these tags:

Name: <% $name %> 
Age:  <% $age %> 
Address: <% %address %> 
Price : <% $price*(1+$tax)%> 

The HTML generated is the result of the evaluation of the variables within the tags, including the evaluation of the final arithmetic expression.

11.5.2. % Lines

This type of Perl code is most useful for creating global variables and for embedding conditional and looping constructs.

Put this example ...

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