Chapter 14FluidFM: Development of the Instrument as well as Its Applications for 2D and 3D Lithography

Tomaso Zambelli1, Mathias J. Aebersold1, Pascal Behr1, Hana Han1, Luca Hirt1, Vincent Martinez1, Orane Guillaume-Gentil2 and János Vörös1

1ETH Zürich, Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics, D-ITET, CH-8092, Switzerland

2ETH Zürich, Institute of Microbiology, D-BIOL, CH-8093, Switzerland

Glass micropipettes were invented by Marshall Barber at the beginning of the twentieth century in his effort to fabricate a tool helping him with his experiments regarding bacterial isolation and inoculation [1, 2]. Because of their utility, cost-effectiveness, and straightforward fabrication protocols, glass pipettes have become a standard tool for ...

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