Open Space Technology, 3rd Edition

Book description

Open Space Technology: A User's Guide is just what the name implies: a hands-on, detailed description of facilitating Open Space Technology (OST). OST is an effective, economical, fast, and easily repeatable strategy for organizing meetings of between 5 and 2,000 participants that has been used in thousands of organizations in 134 countries and just keeps growing in popularity. Written by the originator of the method, this is the most authoritative book on the rationale, procedures, and requirements of OST.

OST enables self-organizing groups of all sizes to deal with hugely complex issues in a very short period of time. This step-by-step user's guide details what needs to be done before, during, and after an Open Space event.

Harrison Owen details all the practical considerations necessary to create Open Space. He begins with the most important question—should you use Open Space at all?—and examines what types of situations are appropriate for Open Space Technology and what types are not. He then goes on to look at nuts-and-bolts issues such as supplies, logistics, and who should come and how you should go about getting them there.

This third edition adds a survey of the current status of Open Space Technology around the world, an updated section on the latest available technology for report writing (a key aspect of the Open Space process), and an updated list of resources.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Preface to the Third Edition
  6. Chapter I: Open Space Technology?
    1. The Genesis of Open Space Technology
    2. Experience to Date
    3. Coming Attractions
  7. Chapter II: Preparation
    1. Appropriateness
    2. It Always Works
    3. Working with the Client If You Are NOT the Sponsor
    4. Focus and Intent
    5. The Group
    6. How Many?
    7. The Invitation
    8. Time and Space
    9. OST in Combination
    10. Space
    11. Other Considerations–Like When Do We Eat?
    12. Supplies
    13. Consultation with the Facility Management
    14. Checklist for Open Space
  8. Chapter III: Proceedings and the Electronic Connection
    1. How Does It Work Practically?
    2. Keep It Simple
    3. How Many Printers?
    4. Reports without Computers
    5. Wikis, Blogs, and Websites
  9. Chapter IV: Personal Preparation for Open Space
    1. Creating and Holding Time and Space
    2. Being Authentically Present
    3. Self-Preparation
  10. Chapter V: Site Preparation
    1. Physical Arrangements: Chairs in a Circle
      1. Plenty of Space
      2. Make the Wall Accessible
      3. And Nothing in the Middle (Almost)
    2. Creation and Placement of Signs
      1. Theme, Behavior, and Expectations
      2. Space/Time Matrix and Daily Schedule
    3. Report Production
  11. Chapter VI: Creating Time and Space
    1. Welcome
    2. Focus the Group
    3. State the Theme
    4. Describe the Process
    5. Questions?
    6. The Four Principles and One Law
    7. The One Law
    8. The Final Admonition
    9. Time to Go to Work
    10. Creating the Community Bulletin Board
    11. Opening the Village Marketplace
  12. Chapter VII: Holding Time and Space
    1. Collecting Coffee Cups and Trash
    2. Sensing and Responding to the Environment
    3. Morning Announcements and Evening News
    4. Empowering the People
    5. Potholes in the Road
      1. Heavy Weather
    6. Space Invaders
    7. Dealing with the Outrageous
    8. To Intervene or Not Intervene
  13. Chapter VIII: Movement to Action
    1. Getting the Whole System in the Room
    2. It Has Already Happened
    3. Prioritization and Action Planning
    4. Sticky Dots
    5. Voting
    6. Convergence and Action Plans
    7. Another Way: Opening the Space for Action
  14. Chapter IX: Endings and New Beginnings
    1. The Talking Stick Ceremony
    2. Alternatives to the Talking Stick Ceremony
    3. Reflections on Open Space: The Medicine Wheel
  15. Chapter X: Follow-Up
    1. Keep the Space Open/Open More Space
  16. Chapter XI: Unexpected Gifts: Leadership, Performance, Peace
    1. Leadership
    2. High Performance
    3. Peace and Peacemaking
  17. Chapter XII: What Next?
  18. Additional Resources
  19. Index
  20. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: Open Space Technology, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2008
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781576757758