OpenGL and GLSL Fundamentals with C++ (practical course)

Video description

This course is designed to give you an easy and visual introduction to the amazing world of computer graphics (using OpenGL, GLSL, and C ++). In fact, the course is very easy to master because it is practical, visual, and well illustrated, to help you develop your visual intuition when it comes to 3D programming models (I developed some beautiful illustrations and visualizations—just to show you how things work under the hood). This course will help you build the proper mental models of the underlying concepts and processes of OpenGL and 3D math (because they're tricky). There are live coding sessions and you have full access to the source code for each lesson.

The course covers all the important topics of modern OpenGL, such as:

- Geometry, and buffers, VBOs, and VAOs

- Transformations and matrix stacks

- Shaders and GLSL,

- Some procedural art (and GLSL shader-generated images)

- Texturing and lighting

What You Will Learn

  • Learn OpenGL and GLSL
  • Explore modern rendering pipeline and shaders
  • Feed vertex data to buffers (VBO) and set up buffer formats
  • Play with shaders and GLSL
  • Make fun, procedural computer graphics
  • Learn 3D transformations: rotation, scale, and perspective projection
  • Load and draw textures (sprites)
  • Render 3D geometry


This course is for computer graphics students, OpenGL game developers, computer graphics enthusiasts, and game developers. The relevant source code is also included.

About The Author

Sergiy Kravchenko: Sergiy Kravchenko

He is a professional C++ game developer (OpenGL, Cocos2d-x) for iOS and Android with 5+ years of experience, focusing on mobile games and UI applications (UIKit, Objective C). He possesses an overall 10+ years of IT experience in professional development (joined industry since 2002), and some of his complementary skills are PHP & MySQL programming and graphic design skills (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, UI/UX design, UI design for web and mobile). He loves to create projects with soul. He uses C++ / STL / Cocos2d-x / OpenGL ES 2.0 and Objective-C / UIKit to create games and mobile applications. He develops apps with rich features, multithreading, network backend connectivity.

Product information

  • Title: OpenGL and GLSL Fundamentals with C++ (practical course)
  • Author(s): Sergiy Kravchenko
  • Release date: February 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838647889