Rendering with the New Color Attribute

Now that we’ve added a color attribute to our data and we’ve updated the vertex and fragment shaders to use this attribute, the next steps are to remove the old code that passed in the color via a uniform and to tell OpenGL to read in colors as a vertex attribute.

Updating Constants

Let’s add the following constants to the top of AirHockeyRenderer:

private​ ​static​ ​final​ ​String​ A_COLOR = ​"a_Color"​;
private​ ​static​ ​final​ ​int​ COLOR_COMPONENT_COUNT = 3;
private​ ​static​ ​final​ ​int​ STRIDE =

We’ll also need a new member variable:

AirHockey2/src/com/airhockey/android/ ...

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