Drawing the Particle System

We just need to add some code to ParticlesRenderer and then we can finally see our particles in action. Let’s start out with the following definitions:

private​ ​final​ ​Context​ context;
private​ ​final​ ​float​​[]​ projectionMatrix = ​new​ ​float​[16];
private​ ​final​ ​float​​[]​ viewMatrix = ​new​ ​float​[16];
private​ ​final​ ​float​​[]​ viewProjectionMatrix = ​new​ ​float​[16];
private​ ParticleShaderProgram particleProgram;
private​ ParticleSystem particleSystem;
private​ ParticleShooter redParticleShooter;
private​ ParticleShooter greenParticleShooter;
private​ ParticleShooter blueParticleShooter;
private​ ​long​ globalStartTime; ...

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