OpenShift for the Absolute Beginner - Hands-On

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With OpenShift skills, you will have knowledge of a powerful PaaS offering at your fingertips, and you will be able to move ahead in the career of DevOps and cloud computing easily. This course will take you through the fundamental concepts of OpenShift in a practical way.

The course starts with an introduction to OpenShift and then gives you an overview of Docker and Kubernetes. Next, you will explore the architecture of OpenShift and learn how to set up OpenShift with Minishift. Moving along, you will understand projects, users, builds, build triggers, image streams, and develop the skills to deploy an OpenShift application. Next, you will become familiar with the concepts of network, services, routes, and grasp techniques to auto-scale an OpenShift application. Toward the end, you will get to grips with storage, templates, and catalog options available in OpenShift.

By the end of this course, you will have gained the OpenShift skills needed to build, manage, and deploy a simple OpenShift cluster application.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how to set up and get started with OpenShift
  • Validate your commands and configuration files
  • Configure integration between OpenShift and GitLab SCM
  • Find out how to scale OpenShift applications
  • Deploy a sample multi-services application on OpenShift
  • Use Minishift to deploy an OpenShift application


This course is designed for beginners, system administrators, developers, project managers, cloud administrators, and anyone who wants to get started with OpenShift to develop and deploy applications on cloud infrastructure. A basic understanding of system administration and web development skills are needed to get started with this course.

About The Author

Mumshad Mannambeth: Mumshad Mannambeth is an IT Solutions architect who specializes in cloud, automation, and DevOps. He is the author of the top three percent of Udemy’s courses. He is passionate about learning modern technology and teaching. He believes the best way to learn is to learn by doing and in a fun way. Mumshad has authored multiple courses on DevOps, cloud, and automation technologies and teaches over 280,000 students worldwide. His courses focus on providing students with interactive and hands-on experience in learning modern technology that makes learning interesting.

Product information

  • Title: OpenShift for the Absolute Beginner - Hands-On
  • Author(s): Mumshad Mannambeth
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838559090