Chapter 10. Installing SwiftStack

Amanda Plimpton

This chapter looks at how to install SwiftStack, which automates the installation and management of OpenStack Swift clusters. SwiftStack includes an unmodified version of OpenStack Swift, along with proprietary software components for deployment, integration (with authentication, billing, and external monitoring systems), and management of one or more Swift clusters. Some of the additional components are outlined in Chapter 2. Further details can be found at the SwiftStack site.

SwiftStack Controller and Node Overview

A key characteristic of SwiftStack is that it decouples the control, management, and configuration of storage nodes from the physical hardware. Although the actual storage services run on the servers where OpenStack Swift is installed, the deployment, management, and monitoring are conducted out-of-band by a separate storage controller. This storage controller can manage one or more clusters, which allows operators to manage multiple, geographically distributed storage clusters. Operators are able to use a single management system to dynamically tune clusters to optimize performance, respond to hardware failures, and upgrade clusters while they are still running—all driven programmatically for the entire storage tier, independent of where the storage resources are deployed.

Before we move on to installation, we should briefly describe the two main components: the SwiftStack Controller and the SwiftStack Node.

SwiftStack ...

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