Similar to so many, if not most, initiatives, the success of Operational Excellence depends on people. Visionary, motivated people who have initiative and commitment, accept ownership for the program and responsibility for success. The necessity for commitment begins in the executive suite and extends throughout the enterprise all the way to the working level. Recognizing that not all people in an enterprise fit this profile, success requires selecting the very best of those who do to lead, develop, and participate in the Operational Excellence program. Enthusiasm and success are force multipliers. They will encourage and bring the skeptical and reluctant into the fold as the program progresses and gains success.

A recommended organization of the Operational Excellence program is illustrated in Figure 7.1.


Figure 7.1 Typical Operational Excellence program organization


To gain full success, the Operational Excellence program must begin with a strong, visibly committed, executive sponsor/champion. The Executive Champion must be at a high level within the enterprise with sufficient power to approve improvements to the administrative organization, practices, and technology. Promoting success and eliminating barriers are essential to gain maximum sustainable value.

The Executive Champion will be referred to in the first ...

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